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“Beatrice has show us there is so much more to life, a true psychic, medium, teacher and researcher”
- Jasmine McCannon.

“Beatrice, I would just like to say thank you for all the help and inspiration you have given me over the years.”
- WLB.

Beatrice McCaig is a highly acclaimed Psychic Medium
by the Edinburgh Association of Spiritualists

Welcome to my website

and for me that is as technical as it gets, so firstly let me thank my good friends Leona and Warren for creating this wonderful website for me and You!

Beatrice McCaig, Psychic/Medium, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master.

I am glad you have taken the time to look at my site and hope you will stick with me throughout. This is the part where I tell you all about myself, no doubt like most sites you expect to read that I am a wonderful well sought after International Psychic/Medium/Paranormal Researcher etc. etc with all the usual “strings to my bow” and the credentials to prove it, well that I am, and more, so read on and enjoy! (as you can see I also have a great sense of humor!)

Now, let me tell you who I really am:-

My name is Beatrice, I was born in a small mining village called Prestonpans on the East Coast of Scotland and still live there today. I have five sisters and three brothers, who needless to say think that I am “off my trolley” at times, as I am the second youngest of the family and the only one in the family who according to them is a wee bit “different”, they think I must have been “dropped on my head” at birth, I just think they are a “wee bit scared of the paranormal” but quite proud of me really.

It is quite understandable, as we Scots are a very proud people with our feet firmly on the ground, no airy, fairy ideas for us. I am part of a hard working, honest, caring family, brought up under “hard times” who have taught me many things in my life most importantly the value of sharing, caring and being there for one another.

Source Energy Awaits You:

So there will be no talk of “angels”, “fairies”, “guides”, “elves”, “ghosts” etc. etc. only my experiences of the Universe and how it has brought me to my way of thinking at this time.

To understand what I mean by that, you must firstly understand the power you have within you and the ways to access that power to connect to a far greater source of intelligence than that which is here on this earthly vibration.

We must become attuned to our own energies, our consciousness, and the many levels of the altered states of consciousness, both within the mind and sub-conscious. Also its important to note that when I use the word “energy” I am referring to thought forms both incarnate and discarnate, from here, we can now begin to understand the power of the vibrational universe and that our consciousness is “infinite”, it is the part of us that remains within the universal consciousness even after the death of the physical body, as we are all part of this universe, vibrating at many different levels.

Let The Journey Begin

If you are still reading this, then you are very obviously interested so join me in your search for YOU and the power that lies within you, after all what have you got to lose “there is no charge” for the information on theses pages.